Social Responsibility

Prithvi Cement has always been a part of social development exercise.
Our responsibilities highly delves in

  • We are helping rural people by giving them suitable employment opportunity
  • We are giving our best support in the improvement of local people. For the proper growth of this underdeveloped category, we provide funds as required donation and pay it to the local charity organizations.
  • We organize small cultural programs to inspire people in expressing themselves.
  • We take part in Health awareness programs in order to make the local people aware about some of the infectious diseases.
  • We supply water to the local people from our storage tank to reduce the local water scarcity problems.
  • Well modified dust controller equipment ranges are used in order to reduce the destruction of air pollution in the local environment.
  • We have also grown green area (greeneries) near our factory site.
  • We do medical camp for local public